Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Hi, I thought I'd start this blog by introducing myself and take it from there. Well the dude on the right is me, Daena Hayhurst (MachineDaena or Pokergeezer7) with a bit of an old school hero of mine Sonic the Hedgehog or to put it another way, a random fancy dresser from a recent night out (legend). 

Quotes - wouldn't you just love to have people quote you. .

I'd love to be remembered by the things that I said, by the quotes on how to be, much like Jesus but without the lies or story telling and 2000 years of chinese whispering. And with that MachineDaena blogs some of his fave quotes imported from his Facebook profile (I've spent time collating it once before so I'll take a shortcut this time): 

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