Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Hi, I thought I'd start this blog by introducing myself and take it from there. Well the dude on the right is me, Daena Hayhurst (MachineDaena or Pokergeezer7) with a bit of an old school hero of mine Sonic the Hedgehog or to put it another way, a random fancy dresser from a recent night out (legend). 

I'm currently 24 and have been educated at Manchester Met uni with a degree in Business Enterprise. I've got experience as a recruitment consultant but more recently have been looking to online initiatives to make me money. My ambitions are to start and run my own business and to inevitably get rich in the process. I fancy myself as a bit of an entrepreneur but have yet to prove this really! I'm quite into gaming, sports, keeping fit and learning new things. I also socialise way too much as I have a habit of not being able to say not to people. My good points are honesty and integrity, as well as just being a genuine kind fella. My vices are tendencies to drink plenty and gambling. I guess for now the aim of my blog is to let people know who I am and what my aims are and as things progress I'm sure I'll post about things that annoy me, do it for me, rage me or just things that I believe people may want to hear my opinions on. For now I'll say nice to meet you and take it easy :D

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