Wednesday, 5 May 2010

10,000 days old!

Being a none religious individual and very much against people who choose to preach their religious beliefs I always found it amazing that mum buys more pressies for me on Jesus' birthday than my own! Anyone else find this happens with them? Sort of pisses me off especially when you consider my own beliefs which couldn't be further from what we're supposed to be celebrating on Dec 25th. I think to myself "well celebrate health and being with family and friends" which puts my anger at ease somewhat! Anyhow I've been thinking lately and for the past few years that I want to stage a birthday party for my 10,000th day old birthday! 

I calculate that if my date of birth is 11th Feb 1986, I will be 10,000 days old on June 29th 2013. Now I know that it seems ridiculous to be thinking about this given that it's three years until the date however I really do want to stage the most over-exaggerated, ostentatious and ridiculous birthday party you've ever been to! I mean MTV shit! Entertainment, bands playing, huge venue, fireworks, amazing food, casino entertainment, shit loads of bodies, fire eaters, clowns, bouncy castles, magicians, Susan Boyle playing the bongos, the lot! I want celebs there to wish me luck with my next 20,000 odd days and I want it to be a massive success. I need to save some cash so that I can fund this but can you honestly say that you've been to a birthday party where the aforementioned factors have been present? We all know the answer to that! What more reason do I need to make this happen! So who wants to come to my 10,000 day old birthday? Because I also want outrageously flamboyant invites to send out too! 
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