Friday, 14 May 2010

Iron man 2 is the best film you'll see this year!

Thought I'd take a moment to review the Iron Man 2 film. I went to watch this last Wed's for Orange Wednesday at Lancasters Vue cinema. Being a massive fan of Iron Man's first installment, largely because of it's individualism from any other film I've seen and it's cool cars, gadgets and Robert Downey Jr's laid back suave sense of humour, I knew that Jon Favreau, the producer who also stars in the film as Happy Hogan - Starks body guard slash personal manager, would have the vision and pedigree to match if not top the IM1. I wasn't let down!

I first chose to take another view of the first film the night prior to refresh myself before heading out the following day with some mates Birkett, Yearron, Stu Peters and his Mrs. Now one thing I noticed from the first film is that they seemed to avoid (and very effectively I might add) making too many hero cheesy clich├ęs and for those of you that took the time to watch the extra scenes on the DVD will see that some of this was present but cut from the final edit. I was pretty keen to see if they'd manage to make a good hero film but avoid the horrible cringy moments that most other films of this sort can't manage. I'm pleased to say that despite one or two minor Hollywood lines they successfully did this, although they let themselves down a little near the end when Iron Man stood next to a child who had an Iron Man mask on and banished an enemy with the line "Nice job kid"! 
The effects in this film were just as cool as in the first movie and there was a more logical focus on how 'Stark Industries' takes an interesting change in business towards bettering peoples standards of life through technology which mean't some of the more extravagant scenes had a good setting. Which brings me nicely on to my next positive, the fight sequences between Iron Man and various foes including the excellent Mickey Rourke, were action packed and full of innovation. Another slightly cheesy moment where Iron Man takes down around 10 foes in one foul swoop sees him employ a Cyclops style laser like move that sees all enemies drop in an instant and his suited partner ask him why he didn't use that move sooner rather than 5 minutes into the scene - Stark replies "because it's a use once only move" -nevertheless awesome FX! Scarlett Johansson brings a new edge to the table by suiting up as an avenger and looked nothing short of fucking stunning to offer gwyeth Paltrow some much needed competition for Starks attention.

There are lots of reason to go and see this film, it follows on very well from the first film which I thought was a pleasant change and the screenplay is superb. I find myself being reminded of the James Bond films although I'd have to say Iron Man and Iron Man 2 would bring James Bond to the 21st, or even 22nd Century! The cast worked well together on the big screen and one of the only real down points I can think of is how annoying Justin Hammer (CEO of Hammer Industries - Stark Industries rival arms company) was. He's got a kind of eerie look about him that made me want to leap up and punch the projection but then I think that's probably the desired emotion the writers wanted to plot. All in all I thought the film was outstanding - it shows a weaker more human side to Stark and in one scene he's even drunk in his outfit at a party (to some damaging effect to his house!) however despite this alterer side IM's good intentions still prevail as you'd expect, sorry for the spoiler! This film is a mish mash of Hancock, James Bond and Xmen and whats more it reveals more about the Avengers involvement. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said he is happy with the results of Iron Man 2 and predicted that Iron Man 3 will be in theaters by 2013. "We do have a contract with Robert Downey Jr. to do it, and it will come after The Avengers", Feige has been quoted to have said. Jon Favreau said that although the character would need reworking, the Mandarin would be in the third film - this all adds up to some exciting Marvel Movie times ahead but for now I'd highly recommend seeing and enjoying Iron Man 2 on at the cinemas - don't wait for this one to come to DVD guys! 

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