Monday, 3 May 2010

Why do we poison ourselves?

Seems a little weird that most people want to live as long as they can but week in and week out mostly at weekends we engage in throwing alcohol down our throats to make ourselves merry, absolutely wankered or even to the point of bundering down you or your mums couch! It's not healthy because alcohol poisoning can cause long term liver damage which may lead to all sorts of problems as well as the obvious potential death, and short term physical damage should you fall over and hurt yourself or even fight!!

Now this post isn't about health bashing, far from it. Indeed MachineDaena is an advocate of tipples, particularly Jack Daniels and coke! I frequently get into a mess socially and wind up staggering home or worse thinking I'm invincible and throwing my tiny 5ft 6 body aggressively at anything that crosses my path, but I found myself wondering why something that could potentially be so damaging is so popular in modern society? 

I initially was curious to drink in early teens, then like the feeling of losing my inhibitions at uni was appealing but this paired with a huge pressure to 'fit in' means I, like millions of Brits each weekend am almost peer pressured into drinking and often too much! It's madness. I'm usually the fella stimulating drinking games to egg others on and I'm at home with a deck of cards and a class of drinkers but recently had a night out where I drank water all night with quite humbling effects. I had a good night, chatting to people I usually fall into and actually socialising with words not chants or drink banter. I'll be doing a few more 'drinkless' nights out but it's safe to say for now that I'll probably wind up with a liver disease like so many others! Ah well you only live once, might as well live like you'll die tomorrow right? 
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