Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New PS4 concept design - welcome to the future?

Sony are innovators - think of most technological advances within the audio and console entertainment sector and only one brand really comes to mind, that's Sony - queue sentimental memories of personal tape players, disk-man, mini-disk, PS1. They have also had massive success in other areas such as personal computers (particularly laptops), digital cameras and even robotics. Everyone has experienced a 'Playstation' moment whether that's your first time playing grand theft auto for the PS1 to hammering the call of duty releases on PS3 but what will your memory of PS4 be? Well you may soon find out because concept art for the new Playstation 4 has been released signalling that the new console is in development - this shouldn't come as a surprise to you. 

I did some investigating and found images of the most popular concept image that is being thrown around and as you can see its very impressive. I'm still looking forward to the release of Grand Turismo 5 which we keep getting teased with but now I have a new bitch to look forward to! With the designs you can see that they've keep similar ergonomics to the controller as their original PS1 layouts and much of the branding is in similar fashion to how it's always been for the Playstation phenomenon.
I personally thought that despite how much of an advancement PS3 was it was still rather bulky -very heavy and not particularly well put together in terms of design. With the new designs they've added the clear glass to improve the coolness and make the product suave, smaller looking and actually more innovative. The console looks like it will have touchscreen technology on it similar to that of the ipod era and it will no doubt increase it's diversity into the 'entertainment' sector by incorporating more blue ray type funcions. My guess is that they will have an easy UI audio feature that won't require the system to be fully booted like an ipod docking station and possibly heavy reliance on web entertainment and content. For now It's safe to say these teasers are enough to get you thinking and possibly a little excited? 
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  1. It's hard to agree that, in console terms, Sony have been innovators, when they've done little to improve the controller design since the PS1 except add more buttons... It's not a bad approach to take if your sure your customers will just learn to deal with it in blind devotion, but it's hardly innovative.

    On the flipside, the pictures are nice (barring the controller ;) ), although I'm struggling to see how they'll become reality in that form in terms of cooling and power. By the same token, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony pull that off.

    *shrug* It should be interesting...


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