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The Social Network - Mark Zuckerberg is a genius (review)

I recently went to watch "The Social Network" at the cinema and found myself keen to get back into blogging! This seemed to be a big hobby of Mark Zuckerberg and if it's good enough for him I'm willing to keep at it! Zuckerberg got rich quick as an offset from his blogging, what more encouragement does one need!

I was also encouraged when I looked at my blog visit numbers since it started, and even though the volume isn't huge, certainly nothing compared with Mark Zuckerbergs or facebooks would have been, I was getting visitors even when the blog was inactive. I'm hoping to improve the blog and generate huge traffic as I'm experimenting with learning this aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in my work activities at Xi Training and obviously keen to do the same on a personal level. 

"The Social Network" is basically about Mark Zuckerberg and how he started and grew facebook or '' as it was known in its infancy. It portrays Zuckerberg I feel in a very honest light and not as you might have expected to be as a total angel, which is something I certainly liked about the film. The film checked back and forward to one continual scene about how facebook actually happened, and of course all the associated problems Mark Zuckerberg encountered, and then to scenes assumingly recently when Mark went through the courts some years after facebook was started. So we had split scenes between Mark and his various associates or old friends and business partners sat round a table arguing with lawyers, and then scenes with drunk american college kids shaping their social lives around computers at Harvard. Sounds pretty boring. . . far from it. The Social Network is a fantastically gripping film, and I'll tell you why later in the article. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I studied Business Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and that I'm a keen aspiring entrepreneur. For this reason, I got quite emotionally involved in the film because I could see early flaws in how business was run by Mark Zuckerberg and his then financial director or CFO (Chief Financial Officer) as the Americans say. Conversely I could also really appreciate the good aspects of how things escalated with Facebook and the genius ideas that caused this. 

There is a !Eureka! moment in the film where Zuckerberg realised that people are attracted to 'exclusivity' - something that he leveraged when first rolling out his Social Network "" to Harvard students (and ONLY Harvard students), and another similar moment where he realised social circles revolve around gossip with particular attention to 'relationship status'. All of this seems common to us now that we're accustomed to Facebook and use it daily, but at the time to think of adding just a simple 'relationship status' to someone's personal social page was quite astounding and real genius! 

What I liked most about The Social Network was the way it was different to all other films I've seen. From the way it was filmed (cutting back and forth), to the unusual nature of content (social networks) whilst also maintaining a real underlying business theme. 

This film is bound to be a winner because it relates directly with something that almost everyone uses everyday, Facebook and social interaction, but this aside I hope there are others out there that appreciate it for its innovation, its business contexts and its emotional involvement. Sure it has the odd clich√© moment as many teen based movies do, what do you expect when watching a film about a teen virgin geek, but all in all I'd highly recommend watching this film, especially if you appreciate learning, business and enterprising genius

I'll continue to use my Social Network, but probably from a slightly different perspective. I'll also be thinking slightly differently next time I stare upon a computer geek, not that I do this often. 

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