Sunday, 14 November 2010

Audley Harrison is a fraud - top sports fraudsters

I watched the David Haye vs Audley Harrison fight last night and needless to say I was disappointed. I won't go into a huge amount of detail as to why, because I'd be ranting, but safe to say the stats speak for themselves. Audley 'A-force' Harrison threw 33 'punches' and only one of them landed - I use the inverted commas because you really could barely call the attempts from Audley to hit Haye punches. I honestly can say that I would have put up more of a fight that he did last night, and I'm no heavyweight! He just didn't want to have a fight, I don't think it's in his nature!

I got to thinking about how David Haye post fight described himself and his family putting big amounts of money on a round three knock-out. I couldn't help but think that maybe also Audley had this bet of as well! myself and my mates had a right old laugh about this but in reality this definitely could have been the case. Audley should not have been fighting, he didn't deserve the title shot and he wholly lived up to this statement. It's pretty clear that this fight purely benefited all parties with the exception to the consumer, or viewers as you may be more familiar with. Think about it, the advertisers got their way, sky box office got their money, David and Audley will have made bundles on the fight alone, regardless of side bets, and their teams will have made a packet. The only problem is that now Audley Harrison has to relive the embarrassment of being a failure one last time on one of the biggest stages in sport - a world title fight, I'm sure his millions will make up for this.

Something to make you, the viewer, slightly less grieved - a naked boxing lady

It all came to feel like a big fraud to me. I honestly felt like I could have been doing something much better with my time, specifically my girlfriend, rather than wasting it watching a crap fight built up to be much more than it in reality actually was. Anyhow, my mini rant about the fight is over and now lets reflect on some other sporting frauds. Here is my top 5 sporting frauds:

5. Henry fruitlessly takes France to the world cup, with his hand

The late William Gallas goal, which gave France a 2-1 aggregate victory in its two-game playoff with Ireland, came off a blatant handball by star Thierry Henry. With the Irish fighting to clear the ball deep on their side, Henry batted the ball down with his left hand, darted a quick pass to Gallas, who then headed the ball in for the decisive goal.
With cries of “cheat” ringing in his ears from furious Irish fans, the Barcelona and former Arsenal forward emerged from the dressing room to say: “I will be honest, it was a handball. But I’m not the ref. I played it, the ref allowed it. That’s a question you should ask him.

4. Man United's extra man

On 18 April 2001, before Manchester United's Champions League match against Bayern Munich, Power walked onto the pitch in team colours, and took up a position next to player Andy Cole. Although he was noticed by other players, he managed to remain in place for the team photo.

3. Stella the high-speed fella

During the 1936 Olympic Games, all three medal winners in the women's 100 metres looked more butch than their male counterparts. The winner was American Helen Stephens, whose features were so masculine and voice so deep that one British female athlete openly queried how she was even allowed into the women's section of the Olympic village. The silver medal was won by Stella Walsh, a Polish sprinter whose true gender was only discovered when he/she was gunned down in the crossfire of a bank robbery in Ohio in 1980.
The autopsy revealed that her nickname of 'Stella the Fella' was well deserved: she was found to have male genitalia.

2. Ben Johnson and his drug fuelled Olympic sprint 'win'

On September 24, Johnson beat Lewis in the 100m final at the Olympics, lowering his own world record to 9.79 seconds. Johnson would later remark that he would have been even faster had he not raised his hand in the air just before he finished the race. However, Johnson's urine samples were found to contain stanozolol, and he was disqualified three days later. He later admitted having used steroids when he ran his 1987 world record, which caused the IAAF to rescind that record as well. Johnson and coach Francis complained that they used doping in order to remain on an equal footing with the other top athletes on drugs they had to compete against.

1. The hand of God

With the 1986 World Cup quarterfinal match between England and Argentina tied at 0-0, and just minutes left on the clock, Argentinean striker Maradona and English goalkeeper Peter Shilton converged on the ball. Shilton reached out to clear, but Maradona leapt into the air and, with a seemingly impossible header, guided the ball into the net to give his team the win.

The shot was exactly as impossible as it looked. Slow-motion replays -- and an infamous still shot taken by a Mexican photographer -- showed Maradona using his left hand to deflect the ball toward the goal. Argentina won 2-1, after Maradona scored a second -- legitimate -- goal. In an interview the next day, Maradona described the controversial play. "It was partly the hand of Maradona," he said, "and partly the hand of God."
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