Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops - Sleep Deprivation - 20 hours later - review and overviewed

Call of Duty Black Ops has impressed me so far and also disappointed in some way - and I'll explain why in my short review of Call of Duty Black Ops COD 7 in the paragraphs below, but first to say I haven't been a sleep since I got the game because I stupidly chose to have an all nighter hammering Noobs last night with my cousin. Sleep deprivation is a desperately tough thing to deal with and I highly regretted staying up to play Call of Duty Black Ops this morning when I had to spend 9 hours at work from 8am this morning! If it wasn't for cheap Sainsburys energy drinks, I'd have fallen asleep at my desk today! 

I've fluctuated from being wide awake and mega alert to being into a daze almost falling fully sleep with no notice or warning! Anyway enough about my geeky antics, lets get down to Call of Duty Black Ops COD 7 with particular attention to the first impressions of this years most eagerly anticipated game release from Treyarch
First impressions of Call of Duty Black Ops COD 7 were pretty good. I immediately got the impression that they'd made things a whole lot more complicated with the new player credits system where online players earn experience points and also 'credits' to spend on goodies like perks, new guns and weapons, as well as camos, call signs etc. Very appealing I thought, and any initial resistance to change away from the much played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's ways was duly stamped out during the course of game play on Call of Duty Black Ops as I got used it. I like this game so far because it's quite different in many ways to the other titles in the call of duty collection but two or three aspects of the differences in Call of Duty Black Ops I think are 'bollocks dropped' differences that are simply mistakes - changes to game content that should have been left how it was. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Game play Demo Pt. 1

I'm going to outline what these 'poor' differences in COD 7 are then summarise and then close up because I'm tired and need sleep! Firstly, I don't like the movement and controlling aspects of the player. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) when you ran you seemed to move around in a more realistic way, as someone would if they were sprinting for their life! The movement almost enabled you to 'feel' the rocks and difference ground surfaces on each varied map. On COD 7 Black Ops, it's like the player is wearing ice skates and the ground, no matter what the scenery, is slick ice! There's not the same feeling to it. 
Secondly, there are no major improvements to the Perks and Killstreaks in Call of Duty Black Ops, with the exception to new picture and name designs for perks, and the Attack Dogs (very cool) killstreak. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was great because it dramatically improved an already fantastically successful game, particularly MW2 perks and killstreaks. If you ask any COD fan what he likes most about MW2 and I guarantee he'll say the then new killstreaks - and lets all face it, if you don't like them it's probably because you're a shit noob and probably can't ever attain the better more fun killstreaks! Final thing really is only a small thing, which is that the maps, although new and cool, all seem rather frantic. It seems Treyarch don't like campers! There doesn't appear to be any nifty little hiding spots or camp sites!  I'm by no means a camper, in fact I'm more of the 'marathon pro, lightweight pro and commando pro' run around like an idiot having fun type of guy.
It's just I'd like a few quiet spots to get used to the maps initially! It all seems a little bit like Treyarch have sort of just been a little lazy with this Call of Duty Black Ops game. None the less, I'll still play it because there are still lots more exciting aspects that make it well worth purchasing Black Ops! I'll be reviewing some of the more exciting and innovating aspects in a later blog post but until now please let me know your thoughts and opinions here as I'm very keen to know what you think of Black Ops COD 7 so far! 

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