Thursday, 11 November 2010

Funny Facebook amusements for you to joy at - short and sweet!

Facebook is a funny old piece of on-line communication isn't it? It's affected or impacted basically everybody whom I know and associate with. Facebook brings people together and breaks them apart, in an oh so public domain! I've been brought together and torn to shreds by Facebook in the past, but overall I think that Facebook definitely one of the most innovative and useful tools of this, and possibly any, decade (if you don't agree with this please comment and voice your opinions below in the comments section!). 

Anyways, that's my very short opinion on Facebook. Now for a little light hearted banter from MachineDaena. I've trailed through the web to find a select few amusing Facebook statuses for you, please enjoy, share, like, comment and maybe one day make one of these yourself to repay me the favour of laughter! We call enjoy a good Facebook Status! 

(HINT! Click to make them bigger!) 

Tails publicly comes out of the closet

You can f*ck my girlfriend, but DO NOT steal my food

God invented Facebook, probably?

Just add sugar to Sweden your coffee

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