Thursday, 4 November 2010

I DONT READ, BUT. . . .Ben Mezrich - 21, The Social Network and rigged!

OK I've never been a big reader. I'm more of a film goer! I've literally read around 15 books in my lifetime, and half of those have been biographies or autobiographies, which is nothing to brag about. But of the few books that I have read I can highly recommend Ben Mezrich who is the author of the book behind the hit film 21 and the book that formed the basis for the more recent The Social Network.

It can be difficult to actually describe and persuade someone to go out an buy a book, particularly those that prefer not to read like me, but I can't stress enough how amazing the Ben Mezrich books are! Often starting slow but building up steadily to generate a really accurate picture of the various fictional or non-fictional scenes, Ben Mezrich's writing makes his books impossible to put down! I've read all but the latest of his non-fictional books, in order of release and thoroughly enjoyed each one and finished them in no time! 

Again to emphasis the entrepreneur factor, the books are always circled around aspiring success wanting entrepreneurs and risk taking personalities, never focusing on more than just the one person. If you watched The Social Network or 21 and enjoyed them, go out an buy the accompanying books from Ben Mezrich because you will not regret it. Better still, order through Amazon using the book links below, because this means I'll take a minor cut from Amazon (Stick it to the maaaaaaan!). I'm actually going to visit my own blog and buy a book from my own affiliate link because my copies of his books were borrowed! 

Final thing really, if you ever feel de-motivated about things, or just have a business or enterprising streak in you, I urge you to take my advice here! Read a Ben Mezrich book and enjoy. Peace

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