Sunday, 7 November 2010

Liverpool FC are looking better

Anyone that knows me even a little will know that I'm a big Liverpool FC fan. So obviously with Liverpool beating top the league and champions Chelsea today 2-0, I'm a very happy man. But I got thinking about Liverpool's season so far and the troubles that they've had. 

First thing to think about really is that no matter who the manager, who the players, or who the directors/owners of Liverpool FC are, there will always be a weight of expectation on them to perform, from the fans and from each other. Liverpool have had a few major issues this season which are obvious major contributions to their shortcomings in terms of our start to the Premier League campaign. First thing and most important is that there's been a change of manager. Roy Hodgson is totally different in playing/managing style to Rafa, and the team he has to pick from is in no way his 'own' team, rather the team of his recently unsuccessful predecessor. Liverpool have had all sorts of trouble with spending big money on players and then not allowing time for potential to come through, and I personally think that this was probably the main reason why Rafa ultimately failed with Liverpool last season. 

The other issue is obviously that of the turbulent times, particularly this season, with the change of owners. Gillett and Hicks were a joke, and that's pretty much all I need to say about them. But it can't have been a great place to turn up for work at Anfield with all the uncertainty. This must have been a contributing factor to on pitch form. There's 'a lot of work to be done' according to John Henry, which is nice to hear. It means he's not content with how things are and that he's willing to change, hopefully for the better. 
It's now four games won in a row for Liverpool, three of which in the Premier League. Things are looking more promising than they were this time a month ago, and I only hope that Liverpool keep up the work rate. Continue to build confidence and keep some consistency through what is to be an 'easy' run of games the next few weeks. Nobody with an ounce of sense would write Liverpool FC off from attaining a top four spot this season so long as we can keep Torres, Gerrard and two or three other key players fit for most of the season. 

One thing is for sure, same as Liverpool are much weaker without some key players, so are Chelsea as we saw today, such as the nature of football. I really hope this season turns out to be a tight one for the title chase! 

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