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Top 5 childhood media - a business context?

In my epic journey to learn all about online business, E-marketing and E-entrepreneurship, I've come across some amazing tools and free advice streams. It's actually quite amazing just how many free resources are actually available to someone who is willing to put the time into learning, and I've been surprised at the quality of the advise that has so far been willingly given to me. I will blog about these resources in my next post, but recently with view to gaining a little bit of direction and business context to my learning, I got to thinking all about what area of business would be suitable to pursue for me. As many of you may know it's my ambition to successfully start, run and grow a tidy business. The billion pound question is, how will I decide what area of business to start in?

It's pretty obvious that the choices here are endless. You only have to type into google 'business idea' and over half billion results are presented for you to casually flick through. . . . There are lots of ways to decide what area of business you wish to pursue but one thing I can highly recommend from all the advice and knowledge I've been given and hold, which is that typing into google is definitely not the way forward! I did this for all of 5 seconds simply to see how many results there were to blog post the result to you and that was enough to put me off. 

I have lots of ideas on what business could work for me (or me work for it) and things that I believe would be successful to varying degrees. I could look at starting a business in what interests me? What others do well? What others advise me do? What has proved to be a success historically? What the statistics say I should start-up in? Simple innovation and bold invention?  What sells at the highest price? Or in highest volume? Something that is a sure-fire formula to success and money? Or something that is an educated gamble / risk? I could choose to try and change peoples lives? Enhancing the social experience? There's a point to all of this - which is that it doesn't actually matter how I choose to derive to my business start up. What matters is that I DO DECIDE eventually, and take the necessary steps to make it successful and making it 'happen'. 

Up until now however, the best influence on me for deciding what area of business I should step into has been that it should be something I enjoy, know about, have an interest in and want to learn more about. After all who'd want to start-up in something that grates or bullies you into bordom?! At the moment blogging, for its business, E-marketing and E-entrepreneurship aspects, fits these categories perfectly. So to blogging. . . 

Something I simply thought would be really interesting for people to know about because hopefully you can all relate to it in your own contexts, laugh about in my context and enjoy thinking about: 
My Top 5 childhood media:

5. Nokia 5110 (and SNAKE!) 
The Nokia 5110 was one of the first phones I ever used. It took phones from being not only hand-held and usable in rational society because of it's relatively small size in comparison with previous 'mobile' phones, but it threw into the mix some awesome USPs (unique selling points). Namely the introduction of customisability via interchangeable case covers, and the latest in gaming super-viral, snake!
Needless to say this product was HUGE! It sold millions. I don't know this because I've researched and found out - actually I did research but couldn't seem to find out how many were sold, I know because I knew millions of people that had them! The highest score you could achieve if you played Snake perfectly, if my memory serves me correctly, was 2000 points. 

4. The YO-YO
The YO-YO - Simple but effective this little baby. I think I've had about 20 YO-YOs in my time. All with different 'selling points' and ability levels. It's in my top 5 because I love how simple the idea is yet how varied the product can actually be! I remember the kid with the most expensive YO-YO at high school was always the 'coolest' kid. The cost of YO-YO to 'coolness' were inextricably linked. I always managed to maintain a distinctly average YO-YO quality level which means at high school I was never more than averagely 'cool'. As you can see this fella has a top quality YO-YO and GLOVES so is probably called Bart Simpson and has a Playstation 4. 

3. The Personal CD player or CD Walkman
OK so by the time I had a CD Walkman, I was starting to get into my teens, but still a child - I say this with some level of hard proof, because one of my first CDs was Chef Aid - South Park Album, which says it all! This, like with the YO-YO, had a link into coolness. Basically the less your CD player skipped, the more cool you were. Non-skipage mean't that you could bully people or break dance, two very cool things for a kid to be doing in their early teens. I'll admit, my standard of CD player was always quite low, but then again most people were in the same boat as a decent one of these little buggers cost like £130 or something, which was a MASSIVE amount of cash back then (probably about £160 in today's futuristic currency). The only kids that could afford these at that price were the teens that smoked and that footed the bill of purchasing one by dealing drugs, two things I never really got into. 

2. POGS 
POGS! What can I say about POGS! Well firstly, I had hundreds, nearing thousands of these little bits of laminated card! I can't say I remember POGS being 'in' for very long? It sort of seemed like they went away as quickly as they came? Shame really, because I'd love a cheeky game of POGS today. NOW!? I think one of the things that made POGS go out of fashion was that all the shitty Chinese manufacturers sent over loads of poor quality POG type rip offs that flooded the playground with soggy fat dirty pieces of circular card. As soon as something because one or all of 'soggy, fat or dirty' it becomes pretty uncool. In my top 5 simply because of how many I had, and how good a business idea it was. These were literally pieces of decorated paper and billions were sold! Fantastic! 

1. SEGA Master System

Now first, I want to say that this list is personal to me before people start to scream SNES or MegaDrive! I played the Master System until my fingers hurt. I played games until I literally got so bored of them I wanted to bin them, and then I simply traded the game for another one with a friend down the street! Personal awesome memories of the Master System of mine include 1. blowing into game cartridges to 'fix' them, 2. blowing into the cartridge slot to fix the console, 3. Alex the Kidd - built in game! I never did complete it, because the last level was too hard. Oh well. 
Notable mentions have to go to the Tamagotchi and Gameboy, but for various reasons they didnt quite make the grade in my book. What would be in your list? Why? Comment and let me and others know! If you enjoyed this post do me a favour and bookmark the page, subscribe to the page or link into the page. 
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  1. Nice one. Enjoying reading these, couldn't agree more with just getting started because once you're in the zone I know you will do well. Inspiration is nothing without direction and purpose. Vill 2010.

  2. Too often I, and millions of others, have great ideas and don't do ANYTHING about them. It's no good! People should act a little more on their thoughts I think :D


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