Sunday, 5 December 2010

November / moustache = MOVEMBER fun!

Movember? For those of you who don't know what Movember is, it's a charity initiative that started in Oz years ago which entails blokes in November across the globe to grow a Moustache all month. Many people chose to raise money for charities particularly for prostate cancer, but it's also a great way of raising awareness of the charities. I heard about Movember in early November 2010 and luckily I'd not shaved so had a chance to get on board. Unfortunately I hadn't heard about it early enough to raise awareness and cash for charity, so I'll do this next year with good preparation and hopefully earn loads for a worthy cause. I simply thought it would be cool to see / feel what it's like to grow my man hair for a whole month! Here are the results of my Movember!

The Movember tramp

Here’s me with just short of a month of hair growth from November. As you can see, I’m a fairly manly man, but not a REALLY MANLY man because my hair growth is not mega thick. I look like a tramp, my girlfriend hated it and I think I probably nearly lost my job in part because of it!

The Movember David Brent and Movember David Haye

Self explanatory this one. I’ve included some comparatory pictures for you too. I think this one actually suits me a little, although I do look like a proper mental weirdo. Not quite as nails as Haye, or as funny as Brent but then I'm no boxer or comedian! 


Rufus / Handle Bars Movember

A personal Favourite of mine. Doesn't look so fantastic on me because growth either side of my pie hole is relatively thin, but you get the idea. I really enjoyed cutting this one! I'd love to have the handle bar Movember permanently however it's not epic enough to justify this! 


OK, this is what I look like if I don't shave my moustache for a month. Would you have given to charity in exchange for me walking around donning this? I look like a paedophile rapist, or your average weatherman. Epic! 

Hitler Movember
Just a little hitler fun, always goes down a delightful treat. Lolocaust. 

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