Sunday, 26 December 2010

Spoof / Guerilla Marketing - viral heaven


Everyone likes seeing something new, something different or something just outrageously unusual. Whether this is in business or a banterful capacity. Well, some of you may have heard of Guerilla Marketing? The guerilla marketing concept is sort of the two capacities combined, business and banter that is! If you tap on Wikipedia you'll see guerilla marketing you'll see guerilla marketing described as marketing of an unexpected nature and marketing in an unconventional nature. Often guerilla marketing is an unusual idea, usually totally original and is deployed in a way in which can be very impacting. 

Often the main driver behind guerilla marketing is one of two things, 1) There is a tight budget to work to, and guerilla marketing often is a way of gaining high levels of exposure through word of mouth and indirectly through traditional media channels once people have 'marvelled' at the piece of innovative marketing and subsequently republished about it; and 2) The idea is too good to not employ and potential results from the particular marketing campaign are too high to risk not doing. 

Well I agree with this, but sometimes when you see the guerilla marketing active in society or see pictures or videos of it at a later date it's difficult not to think to yourself "the designer of this campaign are just having a laugh! Some epic banter!". That said, I simply enjoy looking and laughing at the unusual results of the guerilla marketing and thought it'd be fantastic to share some of the good work of these marketers with the business or banter viewers of Machinedaena's blog. Feel free to comment and leave feedback: 

Used on a busy public road to advertise a teeth whitening product
Raising awareness of a new condom product from Durex
Product marketing on public transport for a watch brand
Pasta anyone? 
Job board advertisement - fantastic motivator for people to leave their jobs
and sign up!
Carlsberg -money talks. 
Roulette baggage run - Casino advertising
Another dental related guerilla marketing campaign
Hoover advert - very innovative this one!
Is this guerilla marketing or vandalism?
Kit-Kat guerilla marketing. Think how many picture will be taken
of people on this bench!
If you have any other guerilla marketing pictures of videos that you think are worthy of a mention, put the link in the comment section. 

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