Tuesday, 8 March 2011

How Not to Market Your Business on Facebook


Edward Stern is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and a writer on online colleges and universities for the Guide to Online Schools.

Facebook is the most exceptional and exciting marketing tool in the history of the world, period. The social networking platform allows businesses to create a page, access 500 million and counting users, and target them based on location and interests. Never before has there been a way to reach so many people -- specifically, the ones you want -- so quickly and so affordably, as it's free to create a Facebook page.

However, like anything, there is certainly a right and wrong way to market through Facebook. If you do it wrong, you'll do serious damage to your marketing efforts, let alone the reputation of your company. Here's how NOT to market your business on Facebook; because sometimes, knowing what you shouldn't do helps you understand what you ought to be doing.

  • Don't be THAT person who clogs feeds with daily updates on how amazing you are. The goal of social network marketing is to make them care, but there is no quicker way to further apathy and create disdain for your business than to spam the people who like your page. Don't spend every waking moment sending messages about how great your business is, especially when you have little in the way of backing it up.
  • Do not offer deal after deal on Facebook, because you might get booted. Wanting to drive traffic and "likes" to your page is fine, but don't do it by offering miniscule Facebook-only deals. It'll frustrate your customers who don't live on the Internet and may even get you banned from Facebook; you have to get Facebook's approval to run a promotion on your wall. What you can do is publicize a promotion through Facebook -- but again, don't publicize it to death.
  • Do not abandon your Facebook page to wither away and die. Social media can be confusing, and you may not always know the right thing to say, post, or promote. The best way to figure it out is to dive straight in and keep posting with persistence. Do not abandon your Facebook efforts after a week and a handful of "likes;" it's something you must build up, which takes patience and commitment, just like growing your business. Facebook is a free and unprecedented powerful marketing tool, so don't waste its potential.
  • Your business' Facebook page is not your profile. It's good to give a human touch to your page and add pictures from the company picnic, but don't turn it into your profile or even something resembling a personal profile. Keep updates about your dog and that crazy bachelor party last weekend to yourself. When updating your business' Facebook page, keep it strictly business.
  • Don't be shy about adding content to your page. Your clients want to see what your company is up to, so feel free to share anything that might be of interest to your client or potential client. Be sure to update regularly with wall posts, adding pictures, changing your info, etc. -- again, make a commitment and set aside time as part of your schedule dedicated to Facebook. A skimpy, unloved Facebook page is a waste of bandwidth and will live in Internet limbo forever, a sad testament to a failed effort nobody paid attention to. 

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Spoof logos - Massive laughathon


Man vs Wild

I've recently been looking at integrating more online marketing related content into the Machine_D blog, and have come across some pretty funny spoofs! Aside from the spoof / guerilla marketing post and have more business banter articles that I recently added I wanted to also add some extra content of innovative and daft logo spoofs that I've seen circulating the web! Although these logos have a lot of irony in them, some of the designs actually even undermine the company which they're advertising, most of the logos you'll see are recognisable instantly which further underlines my point about the importance of having business branding, particularly when starting up. See how many of the following you can recognise! 
Soldier Front G Coin

And this one isn't really a logo, but something I sumbled upon, found funny, and thought I'd share with you good readers :D 

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Years Resolution - Have More Business Banter

MachineDaena's new years resolution is to have more 'business banter'. Not that this needs an explanation but basically I want to be more 'business' but in a fun and banterful way! Since establishing Machinedaena's Blog I've learn't far more than I thought I would about online marketing, online business, online social networking and business in general. In 2011 I want to continue to learn and utilise the online community to share my efforts and to hopefully make some cash / ding on the journey! 

What this means for the blog is that I'll be adding more lolocaust (a genocide of laughter out loud) moments of banter in the articles, whilst I hope to improve the level of business advice and learning capacity of the content. Not everyone enjoys learning new things and it can be boring. Not everyone enjoys business, and that also can be boring. However learning and business don't have to be boring. In 2011 I will be exploring new ways of adding some laughter and banter into the process and as mentioned in my last post I shall be using social networking tools MORE, particularly Youtube. Look out for/subscribe to Machinedaena's Youtube content in tandem with the blog. 

My first business banter will be about logos. As you all know a business logo can be essential to success and in itself can be worth millions, even billions of pounds. A logo helps people recognise your business, your services and remember the service or product that they received when they last visited. A logo also can help distinguish you from a competitor and often acts as a reference point to what your business does. If you're starting in business it's essential that you pay due care and attention to your branding and logo. You don't have to spend any money on it, particularly if you are a small business or start-up, but making your logo look catchy, pretty and something to remember is fantastically important and doesn't have to cost the earth. A logo contributes heavily towards your businesses brand which in essence is the overall public perception of you and what you do.

Can you guess which are the top 10 valued brands in the world? The answers are at the bottom of the page. Now for some business banter. Here are some my Top 10 not so good logos / brands for your pleasure:

Answers - Top 10 most valued brands in 2010
1Coca-Cola70,452 ($m)
2IBM64,727 ($m)
3Microsoft60,895 ($m)
4Google43,557 ($m)
5GE42,808 ($m)
6McDonald's33,578 ($m)
7Intel32,015 ($m)
8Nokia29,495 ($m)
9Disney28,731 ($m)
10Hewlett-Packard26,867 ($m)
Mythbusters - 468x60