Sunday, 9 January 2011

Spoof logos - Massive laughathon


Man vs Wild

I've recently been looking at integrating more online marketing related content into the Machine_D blog, and have come across some pretty funny spoofs! Aside from the spoof / guerilla marketing post and have more business banter articles that I recently added I wanted to also add some extra content of innovative and daft logo spoofs that I've seen circulating the web! Although these logos have a lot of irony in them, some of the designs actually even undermine the company which they're advertising, most of the logos you'll see are recognisable instantly which further underlines my point about the importance of having business branding, particularly when starting up. See how many of the following you can recognise! 
Soldier Front G Coin

And this one isn't really a logo, but something I sumbled upon, found funny, and thought I'd share with you good readers :D 


Mythbusters - 468x60